E4Water Final Conference

April 19-20, 2016
Integrated Industrial Water Management: Solutions For Practice
E4Water Final Conference
Brussels, Belgium


Keynote lectures:

Mette Skovbjerg, Head of Symbiosis Center, Denmark: "Integration of innovative platforms in mature industrial symbiosis systems"

Lambert von Nistelrooij, Member of European Parliament, Netherlands: "Smart specialisation in research and innovation: the way forward"

Pavel Misiga, Head of the Water Unit at DG Environment, Belgium: "The role of innovation in water management"

Agnes Pilas Bégué, Global Environment Network Manager, Solvay RI, Belgium: "Solvay integrated water Management: from internal policy to industrial cases"

E4Water presentations:

T. Track, DECHEMA: "The E4Water project: Eco-efficient water management in the European chemical industry"

N. Groot; Dow: "Concepts and relevance of mild desalination for water reuse in the industry"

S. Thabert, INOVYN: "Symbiotic water reuse in the chemical industry"

R. Creusen, TNO: "Reduction of freshwater intake by desalination"

P. Cauwenberg, VITO: "Creating value from inorganic brine"

P. Moller, Kalundborg Kommune: "Photobioreactor: reuse of water and recycling of valuables"

D. De Francisci, DTU: "Lab-scale Technologies for cultivation and biorefinery of microalgae"

U. Fortkamp, IVL: "LCA and water footprint as tools for decision support"

C. Bertrant, A. Breton, TOTAL: "Recycling waste waters in a petrochemical site"

A. Blanco, UCM: "Treatment of organic concentrated stream: Integration of biological treatments and advanced oxidation processes"

E. Linclau, Procter & Gamble: "A journey towards 100% Recycling of water and surfactants"

D. Prieto, INOVYN: "Demineralized water loop closure for PVC industry"

S. Geißen, TUB: "Modeling - an important water management tool"

T. Track, DECHEMA: "How to come to an integrated industrial water management: lessons learnt for practice"

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Poster abstracts

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-  Conference venue: Representation of the State of Hessen to the European Union

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