Industrial sites

In E4Water the technology developments are being tested and validated in 6 industrial on-site pilot tests and demonstrations.

The industry sector addressed in the E4Water project is characterized by a large diversity along the chemical industry value chain and a wide range of scales for integrated management and symbiosis. To ensure the dissemination and exploitation of the E4Water results to industrial application it is essential to show their value for industrial practice.
The 6 industrial case studies of E4Water are the result of an intensive stakeholder dialogue in the proposal preparation, to ensure the high relevance of the E4Water approach for chemical industry.

In the first project phase the case studies fed in their requirements into the technology development activities.

In the second project phase, during technology and treatment train development, the close communication ensured a most efficient development of technology solutions.

The third project phase was on-site testing and demonstration. At this phase the case studies were in the center of activities. They provided valuable information for finalizing technology developments and were the first step for full application of the results at other sites of the industrial partners, in chemical industry and related industry sectors.

Testing and demonstration objectives:

  • On-site demonstration and evaluation of the most efficient developments in the technology development objectives at chemical industry case study sites (CS) along the value chain.
    • at CS5 TOTAL Petrochemical site, France
    • at CS4 Procter & Gamble consumer product site, Italy
    • at CS3 Solvin PVC production site, Spain
    • at CS1 Dow fine chemicals production site, The Netherlands
    • at CS2 Solvic fine chemicals production site, Belgium
  • Up-scaling to continuous mode and testing of the most efficient microalgae and treatment system pre-design using batches of the symbiotic network streams.
    • at the CS6 Kalundborg industrial symbiosis, Denmark
    • at CS3 Solvin PVC production site, Spain

This project has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° 280756.

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