Environmental and economic evaluation
Lead by IVL, Sweden

To enable eco-efficiency assessment as important tool for decision making an assessment methodology was linked to the multi level model for the integrated management. This was realized by incorporating tools for LCA and economic assessment.

The objectives were:

  • Development of assessment methodology by incorporating tools for LCA and economic assessment with a process modelling tool for industrial wastewater treatment via a suitable interface in cooperation with the "Modelling" workin group.
  • Use the tool to predict the optimal design of a water supply system at one industrial site.
    Validation of the model with real data from the modeled site.
  • Assessment of the environmental and economic benefits of improved water supply systems at other industrial sites of the project compared to the present situation.

The developments was based on existing LCA software (GaBi). The assessment tool was fully tested at one case study site. At the other case study sites the improved water supply systems was assessed for environmental and economic benefits compared to the present situation.
Critical assessment of the results achieved during and after testing and pilot demonstration considering overall criteria such as: (I) Eco-efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the demonstrated solution; (II) compliance with regulation; (III) applicability at non case study sites of the industrial partners; (IV) applicability at non consortium chemical industry; (V) possibilities for cross-fertilization to other industrial sectors; (VI) contribution to EU flagship initiatives as the Resource Efficiency Initiative.

This project has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° 280756.

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