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During the final conference of E4Water (“Integrated Industrial Water Management: Solutions for Practice”) project partners presented new integrated approaches, methodologies and process technologies for a more efficient and sustainable management of water in chemical industry with cross-fertilization potential to other industrial sectors.
The following mp4 files will provide you an insight into the outcome of E4Water:


Thomas Track, DECHEMA, Germany
The E4Water project: Eco-efficient water management in the European chemical industry

Niels Groot, Dow Benelux, Netherlands
Concepts and relevance of Mild Desalination for water reuse in the industry

Sabine Thabert, INOVYN Manufacturing Belgium NV, Belgium
Symbiotic water reuse in the chemical industry

Raymond Creusen, TNO, Netherlands
Reduction of fresh water intake by desalination

Peter Cauwenberg, VITO, Belgium
Creating value from inorganic brines

Per Møller, Kalundborg Municipality, Denmark
Photobioreactor: reuse of water and recycling of valuables

Davide De Francisci, DTU, Denmark
Lab-scale technologies for cultivation and biorefinery of microalgae

Uwe Fortkamp, IVL, Sweden
LCA and water footprint as tools for decision support

Eddy Linclau, Procter & Gamble, Belgium
A journey towards 100 % recycling of water and surfactants

David Prieto, INOVYN España SL, Spain
Demineralized water loop closure for PVC industry

Sven Geißen, TU Berlin, Germany
Modeling – an important water management tool

Thomas Track, DECHEMA, Germany
How to come to an integrated industrial water management: lessons learnt for practice

This project has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° 280756.

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